Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby, It Just Ain't Them ...

Sometimes, the best of intentions just don't pan out ...

The Shirelles were one of the Sixties' premier "girl" groups, hitting the charts with classics like Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? and Baby, It's You. And, recently, a supposedly "autobiographical" play about the four ladies opened on Broadway -- and has already been panned by just about everyone who's seen it!

First: Before the show even opened, the producers surviving Shirelle Beverly Lee -- who owns rights to the Shirelles name -- along with the estates of two other Shirelles and Dionne Warwick (whose character appears in the musical)sued the producer, saying the musical with "cashing in on plaintiffs' stories and successes, while using plaintiffs' names, likenesses and biographical information without their consent and in violation of the law."

Socondly: There are reports from those who've seen the play that its songs were weakly performed, and that the show was "one of the worst jukdbox shows ever to grace" Broadway, along with the pending lawsuit, almost guarantee a very short run for the musical (in fact, the group's signature song, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? wasn't even included in the show!).

We all loved The Shirelles and, even today, sing along with their tunes when we hear them on oldies radio. But this play?

Baby, It's Not Them ...


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