Sunday, March 13, 2011

WTF?? Watch The Fans!!

If you're performing with a band, blazing out some hot guitar licks (or pounding the skins on a sleek drumkit) in a packed gig, there’s one guaranteed way to be sure your band becomes a hit with the fans: It’s called the “WTF” method (and it’s about time we gave those initials to something decent, right?):


Y’see, when you’re onstage before a live audience, you never know exactly which songs will fire up the fans. Obviously, if you’re good, they’ll listen, dance, holler or whatever.
But, if ya really wanna know how to get your band from “just another musical group” to favorite,


Whilst performing, each member can focus on separate sections of the crowd. As you go through your set, look at their faces … watch their movements.
If you see excitement, movement or other animation that shows they’re into the song, then you’ve got at least one number that you can tailor your sound and stage work by!

But if they seem too interested in talking to others, seem oblivious or even bored, then wipe the number from your set — at least until you can “fine-tune” it to bring the crowd to its feet!

Now, about the winning numbers (no, not lottery. I’m talkin’ about the set!): Have someone make a note of those songs and the fans’ reaction. Then, when you’re back into rehearsal or songwriting, work out new numbers (both fast and slow) that’ll most likely get the same response!

By this “trial-and-error” method, you can build a set — and a reputation — that’s dynamite!


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