Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two Country Giants To Help Japan

TWO COUNTRY GIANTS TO HELP JAPAN RELIEF: Mike Lane has one of the most refreshing and emotive voices in country music -- and his songs speak to literally thousands. And, whilst his performances are fan-friendly, full of life and music -- the works of his collaborator -- legendary songwriter, Ron Ryan -- just makes them that much sweeter. With hits like Truckers, Believe and You Turn The Magic On, he's beginning to make a big impact in country music.

And now, Mike and Ron are collaborating on a very special and heartfelt project: to help the innocent victims of the terrifying 8.9 earthquake that tore into Japan ... and into our hearts.
Here ... let me share what Mike just sent me, moments ago:

"I will play for free, or put up music for free, to sell CDS to help ..."

Now, you can take it from the Relic: These two men -- sensations on the UK country scene and legends in their own right -- offer the very best and most ear-pleasing country music you'd ever want to hear!
And I am HIGHLY Relicommending that you (yes, you!!) take advantage of their offer; whether in buying their CDs and tracks, or going to one of Mike's fantastic shows, you'll be helping the relief efforts in Japan as well as serving your ears a heapin' helpin' of fiiiine country music!!

All you have to do is visit Mike's site, then head over to REVERBNATION for some great track downloads and ringtones!. The proceeds will be donated to relief efforts for that earthquake-ravaged country. Also, if you're in the UK, make a point to book Mike for your next function! Guaranteed a great time for all!!)

It's a great offer from the hearts of two true musical giants!

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