Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They Would've Made A Great Duo

BEFORE WE BEGIN, I want all of you who've followed this blog and admired Pete Dintino's courage to have a free copy of his Caringbridge journal. In it, you'll find his struggles as well as triumphs as his daughter, Lin, gave eyewitness reports of his most life-threatening battles. Click this link for your copy -- and be sure to read it from last page to first (ie, from the beginning). I guarantee you'll be touched and inspired ... it's a true story that, if scripted and produced as-is, would outdo any "suspense" movie on the market.

There are some people who just seem to click when you put their personalities together: Lennon and McCartney. Chad and Jeremy. Bartles & Jaymes. AT&T and Sprint (hey ... I said "click", remember? Not "connect"!)

But there were two men who never met, though their personalities were so much alike: Witty, outgoing, optimistic ... and dedicated to the proposition that all rockers were created equal. They were both proud of their families, thankful for their fans -- and, IMHO, taken away too soon.

Whilst yer Cuzzin Relic is still feeling the loss of his brother-in-rock, Pete Dintino, I can't help thinking about how much he and Uncle Lloyd were allike (except LL had more hair and was just a bit ollder). They woulld've tallked for hours about rock, familly, and everything-positive.

No doubt, they would've made a great duo, even without singing a musical note. And, whilst both had their physical afflictions -- Lloyd with the multiple myeloma, Pete with leukemia and diabetes -- neither one would complain about it. Instead, they were more concerned for others' happiness, and would share their very best to motivate and inspire, even when their respective final chapters were imminent!

These two heart-superstars ... one, our beloved Chief Mouser, who knew media, music and motivation like the back of his hand; and the other, a walking rock-encyclopaedia and songwriter who was living inspiration ... taught us an invaluable lesson:

Whatever you go through in life, don't worry about it! Change what you can, accept what you can't, but always ... always hold your head high! Because, no matter what comes your way, you're bound to come out of it all a WINNER!"

Before we leave this post, let me share a pic of the Dintino crew with a man whom Pete truly admired. You'll see (from the right) Lin (the daughter who stayed with her dad until the end), Pete, Toni (another one of Pete's dynamite daughters) ... and Mike Smith (famed vocalist/organist for the Dave Clark Five) taken some time before Mike's accident:

Two men who never met ... yet shared so much in common ... blessing the heavens with their humour, their wit, their warmth and music.
We all were blessed with having them amongst us ... and are so much richer for it! By now, though, I'm sure they've met -- and are talkin' shop, music, their friends and family here on earth -- and, along with all their friends and heroes who've gone (before and after) them, are having a great time rockin' the starscape ...

Stay tuned ...

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