Saturday, March 19, 2011


Somewhere, somebody under the age of 30 is thinkin' the title of this blog refers to the latest gadget from a well-known small-appliance manufacturer:
New! From Ronco® ! The amazing PSYCH-O-DELIC!! It'll chop, dice, slice and puree whatever herb you drop into it!! Its patented "turn-on™" button works automatically whilst you soooothe yourself with its "Sitar-7" motor ...

Actually, when people hear about the drugs, bugs, mugs and hugs goin' down in Haight-Ashbury back in the mid-Sixties (for those who aren't "into" this bag, it's a district in San Francisco), remember that, while it was a trip during the bonzo years, a lot of it was thrown out of focus by the Establishments big anti-hype!

No question, the dope was a bummer; it messed it up for many of us. (Listen -- take it from someone who knows firsthand [yeah, I did a little back then] you've gotta stay away from that junk. It's POISON! [*Click the link, okay? It's a story that's been adapted for children, but acts as a strong lesson for everyone!) But, you gotta admit, some heavy modern art, threads -- and music -- came out of it.

Y'see, by '67, the kids were totally uptight about what was going on in Vietnam. They were down on the racial prejudice that was hurting their black brothers and sisters. They were turned off by the way the Establishment looked down on the young people of the day. Man, all they wanted was peace and equality! And they were willing to do or take whatever they thought they had to in order to get that peace in their lives.

They had some groovy acts doin' their thing in the district: The Beau Brummels (Laugh, Laugh), Blue Cheer (Summertime Blues), Canned Heat (Goin' Up Country; (Back) On The Road Again), the Doors, Grateful Dead (WHO?!? Neverheardof 'em! Lol), and, of course, Janis (do I really need to give her last name?).

Another band, Credence Clearwater Revival, started their Haight stint as The Golliwogs (Fight Fire) before changing their name and adopting a new bayou� sound. That drew the Fogerty brothers (John and Tom -- the latter now deceased), Cook and Clifford away from the district and into the big-time. Unlike Pearl -- er, Janis -- who was a gutsy, howling blues mama, and the Dead, who were digging the lucys (hallucinations) and free-jam setup, CCR was radio-ready!

They had a live-wire style onstage, and could bridge just about any genre gap: soul (Heard It Through The Grapevine), country (Cottonfields), folk-rock (Proud Mary), protest (Fortunate Son), and pure-tee rock-and-roll (Travelin' Band).
Though they had their fights (mostly with leader John), their sound was awesome -- and was often mimicked (Hollies' Long Black Woman, produced by Bob Fogerty). Their songs were covered (Tina Turner's powerful 'Proud Mary'), and reviewed more times than anyone could count.
It's a sound that'll last long after the last member's gone ... and the band of today that picks up the Credence gauntlet and continues a variation of the sound is almost guaranteed a strong measure of success.


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