Sunday, March 6, 2011

Like A Rolling Stone

Of all the classics coming from the vault we call "Rock-n-Roll", ya can't get any more genuine than Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone. The song was crowned awhile back by Rolling Stone Magazine® (no relation, incidentally) as being the #1 rock song in history. (ahem ... we you asked to vote? Naaah ... me neither ...)

But, hey -- there's good reason for the glory.
Y'see, not only does the Freewheeler put a little bit of soul into the soundtrack of his first non-acoustic hit, but he includes the some of the most ingenious wording of any folk-rock hit, before or after.

In the song itself, Dylan is addressing a young woman who, probably a "silver-spooner," finally finds herself scrounging and street bound. It's an exhibit in contrast, obviously meant to show the high muck-a-mucks that, in fact, it's the everyday people -- those who have to hang on to every dime, every crumb of bread, every drop of gas in order to survive -- who makes them the so-called "superstars". But, then again, that's true for anybody who "makes it", right?

Look ... the jet-set can be a stone drag after awhile, and, more often than not, those who are involved with it end up in some very sticky situations (especially when you've got cameras following your every move). (OUCH!! That kinda sounds like a sermon for a certain blonde youngster who's just been released from jail, doesn't it? Clue: Her initials are the same as the first two letters of Uncle LLoyd's name).

My fave part of the lyrics? Remember the line, When you ain't got nothin', you got nothin' to lose? That's it. Been there, know the feeling.
But everybody can take at least a few dozen lines of the song (and its equally-effective followup, Positively 4th Street), and apply the lessons they hold, right? If ya can't, you better go back and play it again ... this time with yer ego listenin' ...

Dylan has always played to the common man (or woman, as the case may be). In his music, you'll find everyday thoughts from plain "meat-and-potatoes" people. In his Highway 61 electrodebut album, you'll find something for every frame of mind ... even the superlong Desolation Row (the one that Uncle Lloyd lip-synched so perfectly back on the show). Most of us Mousers can relate to Dylan (who was from Minnesota, home state of Moustorian supreme, Cousin Gary Belich [PS If ya dig oldies/classic rock vids, you'll wanna visit his Facebook® page! He goes all-out to find the best rock videos of all your favourite stars! Become a fan and enjoy!)


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  1. Not only is Bobby Zimmerman a fellow Minny-sotan, but he's a fellow DULUTHIAN. I drive by the house he lived in (first 6 years of his life) just about every day. In fact, the morons who run the town of Duluth will be honoring the man, the legend, Bobby D, by installing Dylan themed manhole covers in downtown. WHAT? SEWER COVERS? Do these idiots in this town really think that's a way to HONOR him?
    This town is so embarrasing to live in.....