Friday, March 18, 2011

Just For Kicks ...

Have you ever had one of those days ...??

Actually, I was re-reading a chapter in Stuff Happens! called "To Change Your Life, Change Your Mind" and held up on Page 84 (the summary). Remember? Ways to keep from monopolizing a conversation??

Well, I've never believed in monopolizing (besides, I thought that was what happened when a male and female game board got together ...). But Uncle Lloyd (and John) gives us some boss ideas for putting our mouths in idle gear:

Have a friend who will kick you under the table
(preferably with soft-toed sneakers)
Or kick yourself (trust me ... it can be done if necessary ...)
then shut up and listen!

A few years ago, I was touring a photo exhibit by the Lovely Linda McCartney at Huntington Museum of Art. Not only could this lady create astounding photo portraits; her vegan recipes were fantastic (yes, they had a spread of some of her dishes. I partook ... and became a believer)!

Anyway, there was one lady in the crowd who just wouldn't shut up, for love nor food! She monopolized every conversation -- people were shuffling from foot to foot, being polite but simulating "walking away".
Finally, one of the docents took her to the side and talked with her about it.

A few moments later, the lady-in-question reappeared ...
turned her back to us ...
looked down and said ...
"Does anybody see her footprint there, or has it worn off already?" Then she proceeded to apologize to everyone ... and was a nice, well-behaved -- and listening lady from that point on.

Sometimes, I think we need a group for those who have a problem with talking too much. For alcoholics, we have AlAnon. For substance abuse, NarcoNon. So, for overtalkers, how about OnandOnAnon?

Dr. Joyce Brothers once said "Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery." Next time you're in a crowd and justHAVEtoSAYsomething, don't. Flatter them by listening.


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