Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hail, Brave Fighters of Foo ...

Alright ... I'm only gonna say this once this year: For all you who are Irish or have it in your ancestry or eat potatoes: Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I'm from a family who, for many years, believed that they were fehth 'n' begorra folk but, 1,320 shamrocks later -- most of which are still pressed in books gathering dust on the top shelf except those their pets ate -- I dug into our Hinson history and found we hailed from Yorkshire, England.

Now ... lemme put the shovel down and get into today's post (PS One of my favourite blues bands from back-in-the-day was Them. [and right now someone's bound to be saying "Who?" Wrong group. Them:] Van Morrison's dynamic Irish quintet who churned out songs like Gloria and Here Comes The Night)

But this post is dedicated to those valiant (and non-Irish) lads who pick up their guitars almost every night to protect us from the dreaded "Foo". These brave men, dubbed "Foo Fighters", have also provided us with covers of some of rock's biggest hits in their latest album -- but more on that in a minute. Or two.

But I've been asked: What, exactly, is a foo fighter? Well, it's more like a "was", really: Back in the Second World War, it was the term used by Allied fighter pilots for UFO's. These creatures were out to rid the earth of our precious supply of foo, I guess ... (and, considering the language of today, most likely succeeded since, in the 21st Century, many use the exclamation f*** instead of FOOEY!)

But the band-of-the-same-name, conceived by Dave Grohl (drummer of Nirvana) in 1994 as a one-man project, has become an "A"-list rock phenomenon -- and will be releasing a new compilation album of cover songs in time for April 16's Record Store Day.

Amongst the tracks on the album (called Medium Rare) will be Band On The Run (originally by Paul McCartney and Wings), Baker Street (the first hit by Gerry Rafferty, who left us earlier this year), I Feel Free (by the Clapton/Bruce/Baker monster, Cream) and Bad Reputation (a hit for Thin Lizzy, who, btw, were Irish).

There are a lot of other plans in the works for Record Store Day -- most of them already vinylized -- and you can get all the 411 by clicking this link, okay? (The spokesman for this year's wingding is some guy named Ozzy Osbourne. You'll see his promo vid on the site ...)

And that's it for this edition, but stay tuned ... we'll have more Lloyd Thaxton's MOUSE CLLIQUE comin' up within the next 48. Until then ...

stay tuned ...

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