Saturday, March 19, 2011

Duly Noted ...

A few days ago, somebody wrote in and asked how The Relic starts his work day. "When u sat down at your comp, whats the 1ST thing u do?" (Don'tcha just love this new "cyber" style of writing? O? U2? lol kewl!)

There's one thing that I always end up with, though, and that's plenty of notes reminding me to do this-or-that tomorrow or this week. Right now, my monitor, the top of my desk, and two cats are covered in Post-It® notes (well, serves 'em right for gettin' in my stuff ...).

Notes like:


NOTE: Remember Gary Belich's birthday Saturday. Do NOT ask age as your life is valuable to you. Old floppy (wait, Gary ... it's not about you! Lemme finish the joke here ...) old floppy-disk drive is not an ATM. Extract that $5.00 bill somehow and tape it back together. Send well-wishes instead.

Actually, Cuzzin Gary has an outtasite site, having written a very interesting chapter in the Book of Faces (okay ... Facebook® for you purists) called Oldies Videos as well as a website called (ready??) Oldies Videos!

And he's Mouser Extraordinaire here at Uncle LL's Cheese Central ... in fact, Lloyd and I talked often about GL and how he was impressed with Gary's knowledge, initiative and personality.

So, 4 U, Vidmeister Belich of Olde Minnesodum, ye purveyor of pure pop, vetter of vivid videos, we wish a boss birthday and MANY more to come (at the rate of once per year).

There are quite a few other notes ... but we'll get to those this evening; so stay tuned ...

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