Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Before We Begin ...

Before continuing with this or any other blog post, article or whatever, I want to share this with you all (btw, this is a simulcast message):

As many of you may have already figured out, I'm a human being. Within this 160 lb., 5' 10" frame is a dude who fights for the 24-or-so hours he's given every day. Whilst I'm dedicated to the cause (aka Rockin' In The USA-and-elsewhere), I'm also contracted to write for two studios that just loooove to keep me busy with assignments.

Along with that, I also gladly promote some of the best talent in the world (yes, IMHO) here in the states: Mike Lane, Mike Tinsley and The Fore are just a few of those acts. Their music is sent to web and terrestrial (ie, land-based) radio stations as well as publications (natch, magazines don't play their music. Dunno ... maybe if ya put their magazines up to your ear ... ), along with press kits, promo snaps and more.

Sandwiched in with those is my research for articles and blogs, records to keep and peanut butter. Then comes the solo housework, running errands and taking care of the pets (or vice versa. Jury's still out on that one ...)

But there's more: At the same time, I still skirmish with this HIE (hydroxic ichemic encephalopathy). mild cerebral palsy -- and an eidism that can bug the bejabbers out of ya when it comes to memory ("eidism" is another word for "precise photographic memory"); you remember the good -- but also all that you've lost -- vividly.
I was tested on all these about a year ago at Pathways® in Ashland, KY. and at an independent medical service.

So if I seemed just a bit disorganised, or let something "slide" that shouldn't've, I wanna stop here and apologise. The good news is that, over the past few months (and this is why I waited for the re-debut-of-everything until today), I've undergone some intense restructuring and retraining to bring everything into firm focus.

That being said, we're "turning the page" here at RockCentral ... and the chapter we're starting promises to be more exciting, timely and interesting in the Book of Relic.

So stay tuned ... and thanks for hangin' in there with me ...

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