Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Valli of The Four Seasons

One of my favorite groups has always been the versatile Four Seasons. Whether it was the original lineup with Valli, Gaudio et al (and, one day, I'm gonna find out who "al" really is) or the the lineup we've seen on those repeated PBS specials, these guys have ALWAYS been at the top of their game.
Their sound was sort of a Jersey doo-wop, though they could play with it a bit and come up with soul, operetta, rock, pop, and even country sounds! In fact, they did a little experimental ditty -- the Dylan tune, "Don't Think Twice (It's All Right)" -- as the comically sweet "The Wonder Who?" Still, Frankie's falsetto was unmistakable.
Having seemingly peaked during the Sixties (their last noticeable hit of the era, I believe, being "Electric Stories"), it seemed the psychedelic, antiwar Seventies all but shelved them ... UNTIL they hit the disco stage with "December '63 (Oh, What A Night!)" A new backup, with Frankie coming in at the hooks and bridge.

The group has been lauded in TV commercials, movies, copycat groups and even in today's "hip-hop" world . If anyone deserved the accolade outside the Beatles (and, IMHO, Lloyd Thaxton), it's the Seasons.
They successfully bridged the gap between pop and rock, influenced acts like Lou Christie, the Happenings, Beach Boys ... even inspired Billy Joel's arrangement and recording of Uptown Girl (which many still believe is the Seasons!).

And who didn't play "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" at least once when they were in love? Or try the outtasite falsetto in "Sherry"? Or rock to the primal opening bars of "C'mon Marianne?"

So their accolades are well-deserved; their place in rock music history is definitely secure. Their music will be alive and fresh years from now ... fab melodies, great arrangements, dynamite lyrics (often for the "underdog" or the guy who didn't have much money) ... a truly American original.


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