Sunday, February 6, 2011

Supper Bowl Sunday

I'm tellin' ya ... those Zumba classes get weirder everyday, don't they?

Actually, that's a picture of two guys in funny costumes playing something called "football". The objective, as I understand it, is for the guy with the "36" on his costume to try and get the football out from "84"s arm and run under an "H"-shaped pole, throw the ball down -- apparently on his foot because, then he jumps around like he's in pain ...

The Packers' win at SuperBowl XDVLDCXX+/- was no big surprise, though I heard a couple of friends (Steelers' fans, God forgive 'em, or bless 'em, depending on your location) remark that the Green Team had a few cheesy plays at the start of the game (which, judging by its length, must've been sometime yesterday ...). Geez ... why shouldn't they? Hey's Green Bay, alright? Like, in Wisconsin??
And what's that state known for?? CHEESE!! So they're entitled ...

But, alas, watching the Big Game wasn't in the cards for me Sunday night (actually, it was in the TV set ...). Whilst the Steelers were melting by the twelfth quarter, I was busy getting the Super Seven their suppers: Pate du fois Friskies, Alpo du Jour, Purina under glass and a peanut-butter sandwich.
I swear, the last one was for me until its luscious scent appeared on the SPN (starving-pet-noses) radar. It's amazing how a pet can be so lively and slobbery whilst you're trying to watch a TV program, but open the refrigerator and he'll give you a look that'll make you wanna give him all your food, the fridge and donate your house to the ASPCA.

When I finally returned to the TV, the pets' bellies were full, the Packers had won and gone home, and I'd found an affinity for rutabagas, which pets do not like ...


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