Monday, February 14, 2011

And The Award Goes To ...

Yeah, I watched it.

But, unlike others who gawked Gaga going gonzo in her incredible, non-edible egg or were fevered Bieber believers, I couldn't help noticing some of the little things that occurred during the show (little? Again with Beiber?? Or was that Jaden Smith? BTW, those kids did a dynamite rap number together):

Dylan with an uncommonly-raspy voice and, more uncommonly, having fun with his music;
Marc Anthony and J-Lo (who seemed to channel Sonny and Cher during their spot);
Christina Aguilera actually stumbling after the Aretha tribute (PS the Queen of Soul -- who did a taped cameo at the end of the set -- has said she doesn't have pancreatic cancer, as had been reported);
and the "misfit moment" when the powers-that-be had supernerd Seth Rogen introduce Eminem.
(By the way, is there anyone who can do Aretha more justice than Jennifer Hudson?? Didn't think so ...)

But, whilst that was going on, there were other musical awards given out around the continent:

Sam Moore of Sam and Dave, Lee Hazelwood, Goose Creek Symphony, Dick Van Dyke
(and it's hard to believe that he's 85 now!) and Tanya Tucker were among the eleven artists inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame Sunday (February 13) in Phoenix.

Meanwhile, Dennis Coffey of "Scorpio" fame was inducted Saturday (February 12) into the Canada South Blues Society's blues museum in Windsor, Ontario. Dennis has also played with the late Del Shannon and in the Motown rhythm section-- most notably on "Cloud Nine."

Finally, Jack Scott and Robbie Robertson of the Band will be inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame on April 2. In addition, Skylark's song, "Wildflower" and the Motherlode song "When I Die" will be among the songs honored.

So there are awards still being handed out, even now.
But there's one I'd like to see most of all:


I know ... he'd have to be in the non-music category. Sure, he might not have been in a band or had hit albums, but trust me ... the man ROCKED!!!

Whatcha think? Then let's get together and, en masse (or en email, or en person, or en Facebook), press Jann Wenner and the HOF committee so hard it'll make Tahrir Square look like a cakewalk!!

He deserves it ...

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