Monday, January 31, 2011

A Ham in A Baloney World

Personally, I'd rather have a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich (grape, thank you!), but, since I've been known to "ham it up" on occasion, we'll stick to that for blog title purposes.

Actually, as I was putting this post together, images of the media attack on people like Sarah Palin, John Travolta, the Prez -- and even some little old(er) woman named Betty White -- came to mind.

They hit us right between our TV-glued eyes, expecting us to believe one is anti-American, one is gay, another is an alien (non-Martian. I meant foreign) and one is oversexed (you figure out which one is which). The "news" anchors of tabloid shows use words like "unnamed sources" or "a source close to ..." with machine-gun speed. And we're supposed to believe every word of it. (I can just see these people now, filling out an application for McDonald's™ or something: "Last Job Held" They write: "Unnamed Source")

Honestly, there's so much baloney being spread around that you'd think the exec producer of these "entertainment newsmagazines" is Oscar Meyer! Look ... you want the truth?? YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH, can't you? So check out the facts about someone before you fall for the junk that the tabs shovel out about him/her!

And then there's another type of baloney called Skins. (Mr. Meyer, Esq. certainly has his hands full producing this one) Will somebody tell me the purpose of this "show" on MTV?? I mean, it's bad enough to have all that stuff they call "sex" on this show ... and it's bad enough that they've taken what Mike Nesmith had once designed as a rock VIDEO network ...

but to have children -- young teenagers -- in the sexy, sultry and flippant roles?? B-A-L-O-N-E-Y!! In fact, it's more than that ... it's friggin' I-L-L-E-G-A-L!!

But getting back to Ms. Palin: I'm not a rabid fan of hers, but I do believe she has the right to say what she wants ... including gaffes ... without being dissected, inspected or expected to say something wrong. We've taken a woman who could've been our V.P. and made a media pincushion out of her.


Because the media has an obvious hunger for baloney!!
I think it's time we fired Oscar Meyer and found someone who can dish out something wholesome ...

maybe Mrs. Dole is still available ...

stay tuned ...

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