Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leno, Thaxton and more ...

DIDJA HEAR THE PLUG? Last night, on The Tonight Show (which, btw, Uncle Lloyd had a chance to host once. Ask me the story ...), Bret Michaels was Leno's guest. During the interview, Jay talked about how Michaels' band, "Poison", debuted on a "local" teen show.

Do I need to tell ya which one? Yep ... and he even showed a clip from the show, with a very '70ish (I mean 1970ish) Lloyd Thaxton introducing the band. What a plug, Mousers!

Now ... on to the post:

The recent passing of Norman Ezell, who was with the '60s band The Five Americans ("I See the Light", "Western Union"), reminded me of the time when the band appeared on The Lloyd Thaxton Show. They'd arrived at the studio ... but their equipment didn't, so it was up to Uncle LL and his staff to do a little improvisation: They scraped up some instruments (including a raw cardboard sign saying "Five Americans" that hung on the drumkit), and the guys "performed" their song without a(ny other) hitch.

Now, though there were also The Byrds debacle (right-click into a separate window, okay?? That way, you can keep readin' ...) and a few other momentary glitches, Uncle Lloyd still kept his composure. He showed us (1) that, at times, you've gotta improvise (did anyone notice Jimmy Wright's makeshift drumkit on the Five Americans' spot?). Besides being able to come up with a filler or substitute prop at the last moment, Lloyd proved that improv always adds some unexpected punch to a show.
And by(2) pulling off a live broadcast, in a small studio, with a limited budget and making it the #1 show for its time slot in America, LL showed more confident professionalism than dozens of those "other" hosts!

So is it any wonder that the best of rock entertainers wanted to strut their stuff on his show?? Is it any wonder that (though Michaels' Poison also performed on competitors' shows [c'mon ... you know who I'm talkin' about ...]), Jay Leno showed a clip of the band playing on Lloyd's show??

Stay tuned ...


  1. I know that youtube has a few Lloyd Thaxton Show clips. Have you heard anything about anyone producing a DVD of at least some of his shows? I think I read on Lloyd's blog (before his death) that he had been thinking about it.

  2. still np sucess ! If the tonights show had a clip then its out there somewhere

    1. Actually, Jennifer, Uncle Lloyd sent me two two TWO DVDS that he was thinking of clipping and using for his final production. Some of the things you see on those clips definitely bring back memories (and aren't found on YouTube, MyTube or TheirTube, either! Just on the DVDs he sent ...)