Friday, February 26, 2010

Sync ... Sync A Song ...

Long before there was Ashlee Simpson or Milli Vanilli, there was Action Thaxton, King of the Lip Sync.

There was no hit record that was immune to Uncle LL's "special" treatment. From Roger William's Summer Wind to Dylan's lonnnng, commercial-interrupted Desolation Row, he could take the most serious song, unravel its melodic threads and re-weave it into a hilarious musical quilt (I was gonna say "Afghan," but that's too controversial these days. So I plead quilty).

One of his most popular was a fully-costumed sync of Jay and The American's hit, Cara Mia. Outfitted in complete operatic regalia (helmet with long horns and tunic, two items borrowed from the Warner Bros. lot after Elmer Fudd's Looney Tunes™ opera scene with Bugs Bunny), he mouthed Jay Black's vocals perfectly -- even the lonnnnnng, high note that Jay hit in the last full verse.

After that "performance", you can say what you will: Whether it's with Raynor, Black or the new "Jay (Reneike), Uncle LL will still be the soul behind "Cara Mia".

NOW ... FOR THOSE WHO ASKED ALREADY (and we've been on just a coupla days now):

We've got a few new Mouskiteers from Rock-Talk and Facebook, and they wanted to see a vid of the Head Cheese in action. Therefore, from a 1966 episode, I present to you:

'Nuff said?

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