Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Quick Intro (Maestro, If You Please ...)

He was the original Pied Piper of Rock -- the dude who brought Ben E., Brummels and Byrds to our afternoon TV time. He made Sonny Cher, showed us his Knickerbockers and got Eddie to Flo with the Turtles. The week-daily teen show that took his name was a standard fix for every young person in the mid-Sixties.

He was Lloyd Thaxton ... a man whom we were honored to call "friend", "Uncle", or collect if necessary, until his passing in 2008. Though he was a DJ, emcee, producer, writer and five-time Emmy winner, he always had time for his fans.

In fact, he started this little "clique" so all he could mix with 'em all. And The Mouse Clique was his baby; the offspring of his blog.
Now, in his absence, the little guy has been adopted by Gary "NEXT!" Belich and The Rock Relic, who promised their Aunt Barbara they'd raise it right.

Now, what we're lookin' for is any-and-everybody who has memories of Uncle Lloyd and/or his show to give us a shout-out. Heck ... I'll even sweeten the pot a little: If you'd like to write a guest post dealing with him or the show, just let me or Cousin Gary know and we'll turn the reins over to you for a mile or so! Fair enough?? Then 'nuff said!!


Back in March of the 07, I had the opportunity to interview LL -- about his background, his start in showbiz and more nosiness -- and you'll find it right here . Believe me, it's well worth the read ...

Uncle Lloyd was also the man who popularized not just one finger (which many of us are apt to show sometimes) but all five digits as his "finger people". He'd dress 'em up, have them move as he directed and say what he told 'em to say (sorta like marriage, isn't it?).
One of his most popular routines was when he used them as part of his lip-syncing to Linda Laurie's Jose, He Say.

And then there was ... The DAWK!!

The package says "It Stands for Silent Protest" ... and that's really about as openly political as Lloyd was. But the dude really become popular amongst the viewers ...

By the way, it came in dawk ... er, dark hair as well as lovely, lush blonde (see the banner at the top of the page). We'll have more on this character as the blog progresses..

Now, since this is the Big Return, we've got this baby all dressed up, shoes shined, hair combed and ready to go (well, mostly. We still need to work on the blogroll ...)! So here comes the fun part: Getting all the meeces and mouses to come over and visit the blog (cheese optional, though we do get a mite hungry!). Leave yer name and message (and camembert cheese; now, if you cant membert, just substitute cheddarThanx ...) in our comments section, okay??

'Nuff said??


  1. I can't believe it only took my two tries to get back in the "clique", but HERE I IS!!!
    Looking good, cuz, and I think Uncle Lloyd would be pleezed as punch with it.
    With that being said, I will also send out some invites from my Facebook page (and oldies video page) and try to trap up some more meeces.
    Make mine cheddar, please.........

    I'm doin' the same with my mates at Rock-Talk, My-Generation, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as my FB list.
    We're gonna fill the roster with bony, fried mouses (wait ... should be "bonafide", right?) and get th ...
    wait ...
    my cat's lookin' at the monitor, and saw that "bony, fried mouses" thing. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta clean up some feline drool ...